Visitor’s tax

in Stadt Oberharz am Brocken

Information about the visitor’s tax in Stadt Oberharz am Brocken

Dear guests,
Stadt Oberharz am Brocken has been collecting a tourist tax in the form of a visitor’s tax since January 1st, 2010. The Tourismusbetrieb der Stadt Oberharz am Brocken was commissioned by statute for the formal processing.

For what and for whom is the visitor’s tax charged?

Stadt Oberharz am Brockenlevies a visitor’s tax to cover its expenses for the production and maintenance of the facilities available for recreational purposes and for the marketing carried out for this purpose.

Principally, all persons over 16 years of age who stay in Stadt Oberharz am Brocken for at least one night but are not residents of the city are subject to the visitor's tax.

• The visitor’s tax is to be paid regardless of whether and to what extent the facilities are used.
• The visitor’s tax is also compulsory if you only stay one night.
Reasons for exemption must be proven by the payer.


Persons who are in Stadt Oberharz am Brocken for professional reasons or for vocational training can print out the following form as proof of their exemption, fill it in and leave it with the host to pass on to us.



When you pay the visitor’s tax as a guest who is subject to the visitor’s tax you will receive the holiday ticket booklet from your host which is also your visitor’s card.

Holiday ticket booklet

The holiday ticket booklet includes:
registration form
receipt of the paid visitor’s tax
ticket for the free use of the public bus and tram transport in the Harz region (HATIX)
coupons for various discounts (sights / excursion destinations, gastronomic and service offers)

Every travel group that is subject to the visitor’s tax and is not exempt from paying the visitor’s tax is entitled to the holiday ticket booklet. The ticket booklet is numbered and issued in the name of the person liable to pay the visitor’s tax and applies to all persons in the travel group.

• The holiday ticket is nontransferable.
• You will get the ticket booklet from your host upon ARRIVAL.
The ticket is given to all overnight who are therefore subject to visitor’s tax in:  
   Benneckenstein I Elbingerode I Elend I Hasselfelde I Rotacker I Höhlenort Rübeland I
   Königshütte I Neuwerk I Sorge I Stiege I Susenburg I Tanne I Trautenstein

Information brochure

The information brochure “Die Kurtaxe – das Urlauber-Ticketheft“ contains all the important information on the subjects: visitor’s tax, registration form, holiday ticket, HATIX and data protection within the scope of the visitor’s tax.
This is available for you to download below. Alternatively, you can obtain this from your host or from our tourist information offices.


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