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Neuwerk (Harz)

A former hut location with very special charms

Are you looking for a quiet place to relax and unwind? Then Neuwerk is the right place for you!

The 600-year-old small mountain village at the Bode river,between beautiful forests and mountains, is surrounded by the unique, untouched nature of the Harz Mountains.

The idyllic and secluded place offers numerous opportunities for hikes and walks.

Germany’s most popular long-distance hiking trail for years, the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg leads directly through the romantic place, whose well-preserved half-timbered houses astonish visitors again and again.

Just like the most imposing building in the village, the former school building with its onion-like little tower.

We look forward to your visit – here UP IN THE HARZ!

What's up in Neuwerk?

What's up in Neuwerk?

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Experience Neuwerk

decelerating, idyllic and hikeable

Moosl’s tip

Moosl’s tip

“Do you already know the Neuwerker Spielmannzug? It is known beyond national borders and takes part in various championships. Perhaps you will see and experience him at an event…”

Grasedanz Neuwerk
Long live women’s rights! Every year on the third weekend in July it is said: “Present the reap hook” and women’s rights apply for three days. This weekend the little town of Neuwerk is upside down and has dressed up for its Grasedanz festival. The hay harvest, which the local women brought in in the summer, is on the focus and is properly celebrated. Be there and experience Harz tradition at close quarters!

Neuwerker Wasserrad
The Neuwerker Wasserrad is a power mill and is used to supply water from the Bode to a 400m long leat.

Rappbodetalsperre with the suspension bridge
An imposing and impressive building to be amazed at with lots of action and entertainment and the longest suspension bridge of its kind.

Dripstone caves of Rübeland
You simply cannot avoid visiting the Baumanns Cave and the Hermanns Cave when visiting the Harz region. The dripstone caves of Rübeland enchant visitors with their unique kingdom of nature and the multitude of dripstone formations and sintered structures. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of secrets and delightful natural spectacles that can only be discovered deep underground.

The varied and beautiful adventure hiking trail through the Harz region. On the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg the hiker experiences magical insights into the nature and history of the Harz. Over a length of almost 100 km you cross the Harz from west to east on excellent quality hiking trails.

Wandern in und um Neuwerk

“Even the longest walk starts with the first step.”

(Laozi, chinese philosopher)

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