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Palaces, castles and ruins

  • Ruine Königsburg: offers a fantastic view over Königskütte into the Harz National Park, stamping point of the Harzer Wandernadel
  • Castle of Stiege: sits enthroned on the banks of the Stieger lake and overlooks the idyllic landscape
  • Elendsburg ruins: is located in the middle of the Harz forests, approx. 700m upstream from Elend on the left bank of the river Kalte Bode
  • Castle ruins with Park Elbingerode: idyllic park in the center of Elbingerode with numerous ruins that show a once imposing building

Idyllic parks

  • Goethepark Elbingerode: once a horse pond, which was converted into a park in 1924; there is a playground for children.
  • Wilhelm-Schmidt-Park with gondola pond in Benneckenstein: idyllically situated in the town center, with an adjoining playground.
  • Cave park in Rübeland: directly opposite the Baumanns Cave, invites you to relax before or after visiting the dripstone caves of Rübeland.
  • Kirchwiese Elend: in the center of Elend with a view of the small wooden church, which is a popular photo subject
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