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further excursion destinations in the Harz

Harzer Highlights

Excursion destinations in the Harz region

Whether it’s the Harzer Schmalspurbahn, the Bürger- und Miniaturenpark Wernigerode or the Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall: you will find these and other very special excursion destinations in the Harz region right here in front of the door!

The Harzer Highlights are 16 absolutely worth seeing excursion destinations, spread all over the entire Harz region. More info can be found HERE.


Harzer Highlights online

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Nature and city

The Harz region offers many scenic highlights: in addition to a hike to the Brocken mountain, a trip to the nearby Wurmberg mountain, a walk through the Bodetal valley near Thale or the Ilsetal valley near Ilsenburg are always recommended. The Harz National Park also offers information about the special natural conditions in the Harz region. More information can be found HERE.

If you want to experience the colorful city life here and there, you are just a short way to Wernigerode, Halberstadt, Quedlinburg or Goslar. Here you will find everything that the Harz tourist’s heart desires, from traditional Harz half-timbered houses to varied shopping streets to sights and events.

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