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Cycling and mountain biking

The region UP in the HARZ can be easily explored by bike.
It doesn't matter whether you are traveling by bicycle, mountain bike or e-bike, here: UP in the HARZ there is something to suit every taste. From small paved routes such as the cycle path between Trautenstein and Hasselfelde or between Elbingerode and Rübeland perfect for families to demanding tours for experienced and trained mountain bikers or cyclists.

One of the best-known cycle paths in our city is the approx. 32 km long Oberharzer Radrundweg (OHR).It connects the Upper Harz towns of Königshütte - Tanne - Sorge - Braunlage - Elend.
You ride over elevations and mountains, along rugged cliffs, babbling brooks and mountain meadows. A particularly beautiful section of the route is between Königshütte and Tanne with the tranquil valley of the river Warme Bode and the grazing Rote Harzer Höhenvieh. Enjoy the landscape with the far-reaching views and the fresh and clear air
here: UP in the HARZ.

The "Harzer E-Bike-Genussrouten"  are NEW - the focus here is on enjoyment. On 12 stages between 24 and 65 kilometers, cyclists / e-bikers can experience the area with all their senses.
The tours lead along farm shops, direct marketers and special restaurants and should of course also serve to extensively explore the Harz region with all the classic excursion destinations and sights.
Two of these tours extend through our holiday region UP IN THE HARZ.
Are you a pleasure driver?

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Attention families!

The approx. 5 km long cycle path between Hasselfelde and Trautenstein not only connects the two Harz towns with each other, but also offers a great opportunity due to its concrete subsoil

inline skating and/or running wheel route!

Guided mountainbike & e-bike-tours

Harz Vital & Aktiv -

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  • guided MTB - tours

Rental of mountainbikes & e-bikes


  • Ferienanlage "Zum Wildbach"
    rental of: MTS´s, E-Trekking, E-MTB´s
    phone: 039455 . 589970
  • Harzmobil - der E-Bike Verleih im Harz
    rental of: e-bikes
    - online-booking
    - delivery possible


  • eBike11
    rental of: E-Trekking & E-MTB´s etc.
    - online-booking
    phone: 05520 . 9236878
  • Harz Vital & Aktiv
    rental of: MTB´s, no e-bikes
    phone: 0173 . 7234423


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