Themed hiking trails


Harz’ typical and regional features

Our themed hiking trails are dedicated to a typical Harz topic and provide information about local and regional features.

The forest-themed hiking trail on the outskirts of Elbingerode gives us an insight into why there are so many spruce trees in the Harz and what other trees we have. Interesting facts about the beautifully blooming meadows UP in the HARZ are provided by the clear information boards on the mountain meadows’ path of Benneckenstein. And at the right season you can admire the diverse and colorful plants on site.
Is there anything better than smelling the fresh scent of the mountain meadows and listening to the voices of nature? Thetrail of the Harzer Höhenvieh leads along the lush mountain meadows of Tanne where the Harzer Höhenvieh from the Brockenbauer Thielecke crops. Find out more about the typical Harz cattle and then visit the show farm and the farm shop of Brockenbauer Thielecke.

Our TOP 4 themed hiking trails

The Harz forest in transition

While the Harz was visited not long ago because of its lush abundance of tree trunks and its dense forest landscape, the forest has changed in recent years due to a clearly visible change.

At a height of 700 meters, where spruces predominate over beeches and oaks, bark beetles multiply and eat their way through the weakened tree population due to the climate and weather.

Therefore it was necessary to work against the damage through clever, nature-protecting steps and to prepare and professionally educate the hiking, thrill-seeking audience for what is to be expected.


When the previously hidden becomes visible…

The bald spots on the mountain slopes in turn allow a clear view of what has been hidden yet behind them: views of localities are exposed, far-reaching views of meadow slopes and paths are made possible.

Where spruce trees once stood densely, small seas of thimbles, for example, have looked for their place in the sun. The forest change will take place visibly in the coming years. Until then, however, it is worthwhile to capture the beautiful views and finally to say that it is unique – here UP IN THE HARZ.

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