Our mountains

in the Harz region

The Brocken mountain

The highest mountain in the North is calling…

… and suddenly it appears, the bare, rugged hilltop with its unmistakable red and white striped transmitter mast – the Brocken mountain.

The 1141.2 meter high namesake of the city presents itself at countless observation points of Stadt Oberharz am Brocken.

Anyone who has declared the Harz to be their holiday destination cannot avoid a visit to the highest mountain in northern Germany. Because with its legends and myths, the Brocken mountain is and will remain the most popular attraction in the Harz Mountains.

If you don’t want to climb the Brocken mountain on foot on one of the numerous hiking trails with different degrees of difficulty, you can also lean back comfortably in the Harzer Schmalspurbahn and let the Harz nature pass by.

Once at the top, a mountain peak with its own character awaits you.

When the visibility is good and clear, you can see as far as Thuringia and Lower Saxony as far as the eye can see.

On the Brocken mountain you will find alpine-like vegetation and extreme weather conditions. The Brocken mountain is under special protection and therefore belongs to the heart of the “Nationalpark Harz”.

Another special feature, in addition to the unique foresight that you can enjoy on the Brocken mountain in good weather is a visit to the Brockengarten, a must for plant lovers. 1800 plants from the high mountains from all over the world present themselves and wait to be admired. From mid-May to mid-October, the plants in the Brocken garden can be explored with the Brocken gardener.

The Brocken mountain is also the central point and the highlight of the 97 kilometer long Harzer-Hexen-Stieg, which crosses the Harz from Osterode to Thale. As you can see, the Brocken mountain has a lot to offer with its many facets.

So let’s get there…

Special protection

Special protection

The Brocken mountain is under special protection and therefore belongs to the
Harz Nationalpark. 
Please stay on the designated paths and be particularly careful!

The Wurmberg mountain

A mountain fascinates at any season…

Both summer and winter there is a lot to experience on the Wurmberg. Not only nature lovers, but also activists get their money’s worth on the Wurmberg.

In summer time

Between May and October, the almost 1,000 meter high and largest mountain in Lower Saxony offers plenty of summer activities in the shadow of the Brocken mountain, which is within reach.

► beautiful rustic hiking trails with unique viewpoints
► Hikers of the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg should use the detour to the Wurmberg mountain
► The longest cable car in northern and central Germany takes you comfortably from Braunlage, over a total length of 2.8km to the summit
► A special kick is a ride on the monster scooter, an oversized scooter. The brisk descent leads over 4.5km over hill and dale down into the valley. You can find more information at
► It’s just as fast in Germany’s largest bike park. Over a total of 18km, on seven existing routes, the Wurmberg mountain offers all mountain bikers a special, personal experience. You can find more information at

For children
adventure playgrounds with sandboxes, climbing frames and play equipment
petting enclosure with goat enclosure and rabbit hutch
► unique water world in which the kids can experiment, mash and splash full of enthusiasm


In winter time

… the Wurmberg mountain offers just as much action as in summer.

First and foremost, the skiers and snowboarders get their money’s worth in the newly designed ski area. There is a suitable slope for both beginners and advanced skiers. In the ski school you will learn how to ski or snowboard safely in the mountains.

Cross-country fans will find a groomed network of trails on the Wurmberg mountain, on which you can enjoy the wonderful nature in a breathtaking winter landscape. Ski hiking is also a popular winter sport in the Harz Mountains.

The longest bob run in the Harz region offers great fun for families. 1.6 km are run from the toboggan house at the middle station to the valley station with a sledge or bob.

A visit to the Wurmberg mountain is an experience and worth a visit at any time of the year.

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