Hiking grouch?

Not with us

On the journey to hiking prince and princess

The Harzer Wandernadel is guarantee for a hiking mood in the entire Harz region and motivates even big hiking grouches. It is very easy to find the stamp points  and enjoy unique locations and views.

The numerous family-friendly hiking trails, which can be called up directly in our online tour navigator, offer planning in advance and orientation for the road. The route suggestions especially for families can be conveniently viewed on your home PC, selected and printed out when you are on the road. This is how a family day out is fun!

Pay attention, kids!

Pay attention, kids!

With 11 stamps you become a

hiking prince or princess. Where

you can collect many stamps,

you can find out HERE.

On the journey to hiking prince and princess

A 4-stars-adventure for families

Untouched nature allows your children freedom and development, friskiness and the desire to discover their own curiosity. Here it is a good idea to accompany the little ones on their first steps in nature and to awake their desire to hike.

With the right planning, equipment and a spark of motivation, nothing stands in the way of the perfect family hiking day up in the Harz Mountains.

A natural paradise is waiting for your children. Whether as a plant and animal explorer, climber, mini raft or dam builder, angler, hiking guide or stamp collector.

The region UP in the HARZ presents itself in a diverse, colorful and eventful way.


“Woohooo, we go hiking and we pack…

…. ummm, what exactly?”

The right equipment: solid shoes (outdoor or hiking shoes best), functional pants & jacket, backpack, spyglass, flashlight or headlamp, food for a picnic and a “first aid kit”.

Don’t forget the >hiking pass< for the stamp hunt!

7 tips for little “hiking grouches”

Don’t choose boring routes: As parents, who wants to hear the following sentences: “Mom and Dad, how far is it…?”, “When will we finally be there…?” or “I don’t feel like it anymore…!”, so please look for entertaining tours.

Plan twice the time and see the world through children’s eyes: Take your time to discover all the little things that are waiting by the wayside (e.g. collecting pine cones and chestnuts, picking flowers, gazing beetles and watching ants).

The small backpack: The little explorer want to carry all their equipment and found objects themselves after all.

Let your children lead: Leave the task of a hiking guide and trail explorer to your children and their enthusiasm will be aroused.

Water: Water is extremely attractive to children. Regardless of whether it is a lake, a small stream or a puddle. Build dams or mini rafts, throw stones over the surface of the water or just let them hop into a puddle…

Offer climbing facilities: children love nothing more than climbing (e.g. climbing and balancing on fallen trees or on tree stumps. How about climbing a high seat?)

Harzer Wandernadel: What could be more motivating than the prospect of an award? Equipped with a hiking pass, you go on a stamp hunt. With just 11 stamps, your kids will become a hiking prince or princess. You can find more information about this >HERE<.

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