Our forest

in the Harz region

Our forest - our Harz - our national park

known as a legendary mountain wilderness with a once unique wealth of species, lush spruce forests and enchanted moors.

In the evergreen Harz and the Harz National Park - around the Brocken Mountain, a geographically varied landscape of gentle mountain spruce forests, imposing rocky cliffs and crystal-clear streams awaited you some time ago.
Even rare animal species such as the lynx or the wildcat have found a retreat in the national park.

Extreme weather conditions such as drought and storms and the unpopular bark beetle, which ate through the spruce forests in droves, have changed the entire natural landscape of the Harz Mountains in the last few years. Where once huge areas of coniferous trees shaped the Harz Mountains, you can now find cleared mountain areas and lots of dead wood.
Nevertheless, the Harz still has its charm, unexpected far-reaching views and newly emerging life show us that it does not mean the end of the Harz Forest, but that the Harz Mountains are simply changing - changing and still retaining their special features. After a short time, nature takes back its habitat - just different and unknown BEAUTIFUL.

The protected area "Harz National Park" shows us up close how nature can develop according to its own laws - gives rare animal and plant species space to thrive. To ensure that the beauty of nature is preserved for future generations, the region relies on particularly sustainable tourism.

Visitors are welcome to experience the beauty of nature in a respectful way. Accompanied hiking tours with a knowledgeable forest guide are offered as an individual nature experience.


The staff at the national park visitor centers or nature park houses will give you tips on hikes and the nature experience programme. Interesting exhibitions and various offers await you in the houses.

In the Harz Mountains with its national park, you can continue to enjoy the tranquility of untouched nature and relax by a babbling mountain stream.

We are looking forward to your visit!

"The Forest Calls" Initiative

One or the other may find the changed Harz holiday destination strange.

With the initiative "The Forest Calls" we would like to show what is currently happening in our beautiful Harz forest, because looking away is no longer possible.

Looking and acting is the order of the day so that you and we can experience intact and wonderfully green nature again in the future. You can find more information >> HERE <<


Construction site nature

Here nature builds the new wilderness

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