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Up in the Harz

Surprisingly eventful

“You are going to the Harz Mountains? But everything is so dusty, boring and dull!” You have to put up with these or similar phrases when talking about your vacation plans in the direction of the North German low mountain range around the Brocken mountain. But: boredom and a dusty image are yesterday’s!

Especially Up in the Harz you can experience a lot that you definitely didn’t expect. You will find a unique landscape that gives space for peace and allows you to rediscover your touch with nature. In the same breath you come across exciting and varied excursion destinations that make the Harz region a unique experience far away from everyday life. A wonderful mix of recreation and action that you can only find here #obenimharz.


4-star hike UP IN THE HARZ

The Upper Harz has a well-developed network of hiking trails in all directions of the Harz region.

The hiking trails range from small circular hiking trails to day or multi-day hikes on the Selketal-Stieg, the Harzer Hexen-Stieg, the pilgrim route “Via Romea” or the paths of the German emperors and kings. Hikeable experiences, here UP IN THE HARZ.

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