with the dog on the road Up in the Harz

Free space for time together

Just take time for yourself and your four-legged friend, go out into nature, romp and play to the top of your bent. Up in the Harz Mountains, dogs and owners will find the space they need to relax together from everyday life.

That way, the numerous and extensive open spaces in the Upper Harz become a huge playground. Small streams that run through the idyllic landscape again and again offer a refreshing change. Tree trunks along the way, rocks in the forest, sticks and Co. make a hike through the Harz forests an adventure for your four-legged friend.

And for the little highlights in between, there are dog-friendly excursion destinations right outside the door.

Up in the Harz – you don’t need more.

10 reasons, why the dogs feel on top of the world Up in the Harz

Please note: In the period from March 1st to July 15th, the leash must be kept on in the forests and meadows Up in the Harz to not disturb wildlife when they breed and raise their offspring.

You know your dog best, you know exactly when your four-legged friend has which needs, when the dog would like to play or rather be left alone.  This is often difficult for outsiders and non-dog owners to estimate, especially for children. Please keep your dog on a leash near playgrounds, in localities and crowded places. Even on deserted paths, e.g. when hiking, it is advisable to call the dog over to approaching pedestrians and let it run “to heel”. The next open space already awaits you to frolic around.

HERE you can find the overview “Considerately along the way with the dog”.

Our tourist region

Would you like to take a closer look up in the Harz Mountains? Here you will experience a natural paradise which, in its diversity and intensity, can only be experienced in the same way in a few other places. Each of our 13 districts is special in its own way and worth a visit.

We look forward to you!

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