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The heartbeat of nature and sceneries

Getting lost in a virgin nature and landscape – that is, what it is about. Open the mind for the smell of alpine meadows and the sounds of the bubbling brooks. Widen the view for life’s little and bigger things.

It is important to feel the scenic surroundings, through which we feel ourselves. It makes our life richer and happier. We love to share this happiness with you! We are very pleased to invite you to travel with us through a scenery of purity and energy; the place for these unique moments.

Welcome in a fascinating area – here UP IN THE HARZ.


Meanwhile our community became a sort of insider’s tip, off the beaten track of the Harz’ hiking tourism. Here is where you find peaceful silences, where you can breathe clear alpine air and where you enjoy an infinite width.

Our 10 most popular hiking trails

Best views

Here, Up in the Harz, nearly all the Harz’ scenic faces are unified; open sceneries, vast alpine meadows, spruce forests, deciduous and mixed forests, as well as winding brooks and river courses.

Idyllic situated lakes, impressing dams spoil the hungry eye… and there, especially one name we may not forget: The Brocken, northern Germany’s highest mountain. The Brocken mountain is always in our sight, on all hiking tours.


Are you searching for an accommodation that meets your needs as a hiker?
Our selected accommodations offer you a good night’s sleep between your hiking tours.
Some hosts offer a rich breakfast, others offer breakfast service or a full fridge.
Ask about luggage transport to the nearest accommodation or about a pick-up and delivery service to hiking trails.


10 reasons why ...

 ... the perfect hiking region can be found UP IN THE HARZ:

Pure nature, silence and space
► Diversity
Off the beaten track
Promising hiking destinations
Circular hiking trails
Themed hiking trails & nature trails
Long-distance hiking trails & pilgrims’ path
The “Goldene Wandernadel
Extensive network of hiking trails
Modern, well-kept signposting

Never without my hiking pass!

Our hiking trails UP IN THE HARZ are well signposted!

However, you shouldn’t hike without a map, especially on longer tours.

The hiking map of Stadt Oberharz am Brocken (ISBN-Nr. 978-3-86973-065-3) is available at out tourist information offices for 5.00 €.


ATTENTION: Cell reception is not available everywhere! Please use offline maps.

For “tired” hikers…

Every now and then it happens to the hiker. His legs can no longer carry him, the planned tour can no longer be completed or the weather suddenly changes. Many possibilities force the hiker to break off the tour. But how does he or she get back to the car or to the accommodation? As overnight guests in the tourism region Up in the Harz subject to tax, you will automatically receive the HATIX ticket. This gives you free mobility by bus and train in the Harz Mountains. Our TIP: With INSA.dethe great local transport in Saxony-Anhalt you will find your perfect bus or train connection back to your destination. This service is available as an APP in Google Play or App Store for on the go.

guest information

tourist information office Benneckenstein

Bahnhofstraße 21
38877 Oberharz am Brocken
OT Benneckenstein

tourist information office Elbingerode

Markt 3
38875 Oberharz am Brocken
OT Elbingerode

tourist information office Elend

Hauptstraße 19
38875 Oberharz am Brocken
OT Elend

tourist information office

Breite Straße 17
38899 Oberharz am Brocken
OT Hasselfelde

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HATIX - free mobility

Our overnight guests can use the public buses in the entire Harz district free of charge with the ticket booklet.

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HATIX - free mobility


Guided hiking tours

Those who like to hike in company can discover the most beautiful corners Up in the Harz with the hiking guides of the Harz Club. You can find dates here:

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Festes Schuhwerk wird zum Wandern Oben im Harz empfohlen.

Guided hiking tours

with the Harzklub Zweigverein e.V.

Guided hiking tours

Are you passionate about mountain meadows? A trademark of the region Up in the Harz are the beautiful, colorful and species-rich mountain meadows. Find out more here:

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Oben im Harz findet man artenreich und farbenfroh blühende Bergwiesen.

Guided hiking tours

with the Landschaftspflegeverband e.V

The Harz forest in transition

While the Harz was visited not long ago because of its lush abundance of tree trunks and its dense forest landscape, the forest has changed in recent years due to a clearly visible change.

At a height of 700 meters, where spruces predominate over beeches and oaks, bark beetles multiply and eat their way through the weakened tree population due to the climate and weather.

Therefore it was necessary to work against the damage through clever, nature-protecting steps and to prepare and professionally educate the hiking, thrill-seeking audience for what is to be expected.


When the previously hidden becomes visible…

The bald spots on the mountain slopes in turn allow a clear view of what has been hidden yet behind them: views of localities are exposed, far-reaching views of meadow slopes and paths are made possible.

Where spruce trees once stood densely, small seas of thimbles, for example, have looked for their place in the sun. The forest change will take place visibly in the coming years. Until then, however, it is worthwhile to capture the beautiful views and finally to say that it is unique – here UP IN THE HARZ.

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