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Get in touch with domestic animals

The Harzer Rote Höhenvieh, the domestic brown trout and the olm of Rübeland are unique animals, that you can only find here, in the middle of the Harz.

In the dripstone caves of Rübeland  you will learn exciting things not only about the Harz Caves, but also about the protected bats and the unique olm. You can take a short hike on the meadows of the Harzer Rote Höhenvieh during a tour of the farm with the Brockenbauer in Tanne. At the end of the day, guinea pigs, donkeys and Co., that are always happy to get attention and being petted, await your children. And immediately afterwards you can stop by the Sanssouci Alpakas Oberharz, also in Tanne. Information about exciting adventure offers such as alpaca hikes can be found HERE.

And if you move very carefully Up in the Harz you might see domestic animal species in the wild.

My animal excursion tips:

My animal excursion tips:

  • Goat alp “Sophienhof” near Benneckenstein
  • Brockenbauer in Tanne
  • Sanssouci Alpakas Oberharz in Tanne
  • Wildpark Christianental in Wernigerode
  • Animal park in Thale on the Hexentanzplatz
  • Tiergarten Halberstadt

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