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The medieval hiking emperors once marched through the Harz Mountains on their way to their constantly changing seats of government. Today there are crowned heads on the Harz’ paths – Harz’ hiking emperors on stamp hunt.

Whether children, parents or grandparents – with a combination of adventure and ambition, the Harzer Wandernadel ensures a lot of excitement for young and old and takes you to the most beautiful and interesting places in the Harz region.


In the forests and meadows of the Harz Mountains, 222 stamp points are waiting to be discovered. Equipped with the official hiking pass and hiking map, families, hikers and seniors have been wandering the Harz Mountains in search of the desired stamps since 2006. Anyone who can show a certain number of different stamps will be rewarded with a badge!


In addition to the BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and WANDERKÖNIG Wandernadeln, there are other themed hiking pins such as “Harzer-Hexen-Stieg”, “Harzer Grenzweg” and “Goethe im Harz.”

The absolute crowning achievement among the badges is the “Harzer Wanderkaiser” and is due to those who have visited all 222 stamp points in the Harz at least once. The badge is a unique piece made of a typical Harz’ stone and gold lettering.

Only in our region: 24 stamps = Goldene Wandernadel

There are more than 24 stamp points in our urban area alone.
You will easily recognize the stamp boxes by their typical appearance.

We have put together all the stamping points in our region UP IN THE HARZ and some tour suggestions for you.

Watch out kids!

Watch out kids!

Become a hiking princess or a hiking prince and receive your very own certificate and Wandernadel.
You only need 11 stamps for it…


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