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Music, theater and more…

In addition to the unique experience of nature, there is also plenty of cultural enjoyment Up in the Harz. Theater events and concerts for adults as well as for children take place regularly in the dripstone caves of Rübeland. A special highlight is the THEATERNATUR Festival of the Performing Arts on the Waldbühne Benneckenstein. In the middle of the Harz forests, various theater plays and musical performances are staged under an annually changing motto within about two weeks in summer.

HERE is the cave theater in the dripstone caves of Rübeland.

Click HERE for the THEATERNATUR Festival of the Performing Arts.

Culinary delights from the region

The lush green mountain meadows Up in the Harz are home of the Harzer Rote Höhenvieh. In the small town of Tanne, the Brockenbauer is bringing an almost forgotten traditional good to life again with the nationwide largest breeding company for Harzer Rote Höhenvieh. In addition to the show farm, there is a steak house & farm café as well as a farm shop & butcher shop.

HERE  is the Brockenbauer in Tanne.

Bee honey directly from the lush green mountain meadows of the region is available from the BIENOTELS with locations in Hoher Kleef  and Schornsteinberg. On initiative of the “HarzRitter” from Blankenburg, a carved wooden bee bear and a miner where set up, each of which houses a bee colony in the wild. The honey obtained from this can be purchased in the dripstone caves of Rübeland.


Spiritual places Up in the Harz

Just take a deep breath, relax and let yourself be taken in by the unique atmosphere of a church. Up in the Harz there are numerous spiritual places that invite you to explore, take photos and be amazed:

  • Kleine Holzkirche Elend (town center)
  • St. Jakobi Kirche Elbingerode (Pfarrstraße 2)
  • St. Antoniuskirche Hasselfelde (Blumenaustraße 7)
  • St. Salvator Kirche Trautenstein (town center)
  • St. Laurentius Kirche Benneckenstein (Klippe 4)
  • Stabkirche Stiege (outside of Stiege in the direction of Güntersberge (follow the B242 for 5 km)))

Further information to opening hours and guided tours you can get at the tourist information offices.

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