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Here, UP IN THE HARZ, nearly all the Harz’ scenic faces are unified; open sceneries, vast alpine meadows, spruce forests, deciduous and mixed forests, as well as winding brooks and river courses. Idyllic situated lakes, impressing dams spoil the hungry eye… and there, especially one name we may not forget: The Brocken, northern Germany’s highest mountain. The Brocken is always in the sight of the photographer.

Find your favourite photo scene!

Whether sunrise or sunset or the special moment by now. Our guide of the best photo locations should help you to “catch” your entirely personal photo moment, UP in the HARZ.

The perfect moment…

The perfect moment…

Sunrises and sunsets are a favourite photo scene. In order to be on site in good time, please inform yourself in advance and plan enough travel time.

The > right time < for your perfect photo UP in the HARZ.

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“You have only really been where you have been on foot.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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