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a small Harz village with unspoiled flora and fauna and historic location

The idyllic mountain village Sorge is 530 m above sea level in the valley of the river Warme Bode between Braunlage and Benneckenstein and with just under one hundred inhabitants it is one of the smallest, but probably also the most beautiful Harz communities in the Harz district. 
For everyone interested in recent German history, the natural monument "Freiland-Grenzmuseum Sorge” offers impressive visual lessons on the historical venue of the former inner-German border. 
From the station of Sorge you can take the Harzquerbahn to the Brocken mountain, the highest mountain in northern Germany. If we have awakened your curiosity, just take a look at the Harz world and convince yourself of the beauties of our landscape –


What's up in the Harz town of Sorge?

What's up in the Harz town of Sorge?

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Idyllic, small and historical

Freiland-Grenzmuseum Sorge
On the trail of the inner-German border in the Freiland-Grenzmuseum. Here you will find original fragments of the GDR border security, the history of the division of Germany descriptively and memorably documented.

Harzer Schmalspurbahn
With the Harzer Schmalspurbahn you can drive on the Brocken mountain directly from the station of Sorge or explore the Harz.

Ring der Erinnerung
The landscape artwork „Ring der Erinnerung“ by the artist Herman Prigann invites you to make associations about nature, history and environment. If you want to find out more about it, have a look. It is located directly on the grounds of the Freiland-Grenzmuseum.

► Gondelteich and Heimatfest
The Gondelteich in Sorge is a small pond with barbecue place and seating possibilities. Unfortunately, “gondolas” no longer exist, but the area invites you to linger and slow down. Every year, on Whitsunday, the Heimatfest of Sorge takes place here.


Moosl’s tip

Moosl’s tip

“The Harz village Sorge is sooo small and idyllic that the forest animals sometimes dare to go into the village. With a little luck you might see a deer or a fox…”

Hiking in and around Sorge

“Nothing gets us better on our way than a break.”

(Elisabeth Barrett-Browning)

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