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At the railway junction of the Harzer Schmalspurbahn

The Harz village of Stiege is to be found northwest of the valley Selketal between Hasselfelde and Güntersberge.

The two lakes in the center of the village are a special sight for sore eyes.

The landmark of the community, which is well over 1,000 years old, is the Stieger Schloss. In the 18th century, a wooden church was built, which still characterizes this tranquil ensemble above the lake in Stiege to this day.

A MUST for every rail enthusiast is Europe’s smallest turning loop, which belongs to the Selketalbahn.

Fans of stage hiking will get their money’s worth as much with the history trail “Wege deutscher Kaiser und Könige” as with the Selketal-Stieg and the pilgrims’ path VIA ROMEA.

We look forward to your visit – here UP IN THE HARZ!

What's up in the Harz town of Stiege?

What's up in the Harz town of Stiege?

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Moosl’s tip

Moosl’s tip

“At the Lake Stiege you can go rowing boats in summer or maybe you want to jet through the terrain with a Ziesel or with the electric buggy “CRUDY”?”

Lake Stiege with castle
The Lake Stiege lies in the heart of the village and enchants the landscape with its calm water surface. Located on a rock, the Stieger Schloss is enthroned in this ensemble. A delightful setting. Come take a look, it is worth it!

Crude – Der Ziesel-Offroad
Explore the Harz region in a different way! Electrified through the nature… You can experience the Ziesel adventure in winter as well as in summer. It promises endless driving pleasure. You control the device with a joystick and cure almost silently through the Harz landscape. Ziesel tours combine outdoor experience and nature. Crude Harz offers various tours through nature with different lengths and durations.

Stabkirche Stiege
The Stiege Stabkirche is located a bit out of the way in a Harz forest on the former premises of the Albrechtshaus pulmonary sanitarium. The small chapel is unique and a real treasure.

Freilandmuseum Schwedenschanze
The Freilandmuseum Schwedenschanze is a historic rampart.
About three kilometers south of the beautiful Harz town of Stiege in the direction of Güntersberge is the special kind of ground monument. Those interested in history and nature lovers will both get their money’s worth. A reconstructed military rampart awaits the visitor.

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen
Take a steam train sometime, you can do that directly from Stiege. From here you can reach the valley Selketal, the Brocken mountain, Wernigerode or Nordhausen.

► Turning loop in Stiege
A special attraction for railway enthusiasts. A popular attraction for rail enthusiasts from all over the world is the turning loop of the Harzer Schmalspurbahn at the station in Stiege. With a length of 400m and a track width of 1,000 mm, it is unique in Germany and Europe. It was built in 1984 by the Deutsche Reichsbahn for the transport of goods.

Hiking in and around Stiege

“You conquer the landscape with the soles of your shoes, not with the car tires.”

(Georges Duhamel)

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