Walpurgis Night

Up in the Harz

When witches and devils

rule the Harz

In the Walpurgis Night witches and devils rule the Harz. In the night from April 30th to May 1st, you can be part of the numerous witches’ gatherings in the Harz region and celebrate the marriage with the devil in a mystical atmosphere.

Walpurgis at the lake in Stiege with great fireworks

An absolute highlight Up in the Harz is the Stiege Walpurgis Night on the lake in Stiege. The devil gives his speech in a mystical atmosphere and the witches dance around the fire. In addition, you can look forward to an extensive program for young and old, including large fireworks.

Children’s Walpurgis Night in the dripstone caves of Rübeland

For our little witches and devils there is a children’s Walpurgis Night in the Baumanns Cave. Witch-broom handicrafts, face painting or a witch reading in the middle of the dripstone scenery in the Goethe Hall of the Baumanns Cave – there is something for all young witches and devils.

Good to know

Good to know

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