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Well prepared

9 tips for “hiking newbies”:

Choosing the right tour comes first – Up in the Harz “hiking newbies” should start with an easy tour according to their fitness level.
► Our hiking recommendations are divided into three fitness levels (easy, medium, difficult)
Please ask in advance about the weather situation and daylight (sunrise and sunset).
Always keep enough drinking water and food in your luggage.
Hiking shoes and weatherproof clothing are recommended.
Hiking map and/or GPS devices for orientation
First-aid-kit - adhesive and blister plasters, pain relievers
Flashlight or headlamp, lighter and small pocket knife
Emergency contact: Especially if you are traveling alone, it would be advisable to inform someone of your plans and an approximate return time.

Here you will find a >>> PRACTISE TIP <<< about hiking maps and navigation in the Harz Mountains.

Never without my hiking pass

Never without my hiking pass

Our hiking trails UP IN THE HARZ are well signposted! However, you shouldn’t hike without a map, especially on longer tours.

The hiking map of Stadt Oberharz am Brocken (ISBN-Nr. 978-3-86973-065-3) is available at our tourist information offices for 5.00 €.

ATTENTION: Cell reception is not available everywhere! Please use offline maps.


Hiking-friendly events

The weather Up in the Harz

The weather is an experience for us – never average, always special. There are blue skies with imaginative cloud formations as well as rapid gusts of wind, calming rain showers or fairytale clouds of mist. So be prepared for anything: mentally and with the appropriate equipment.

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