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Mysterious, surprising, not everyday - these are the stories that are told here "Up in the Harz".

Stories from people who live and work here and actively shape the region. There are now 54 pages to read and enjoy at home; The magazine “KONTRASTREICH – HIER OBEN IM HARZ” can now be ordered at

In addition to operators from excursion destinations such as Harzdrenalin, Brockenbauer and Co., local restaurateurs and people who actively support and shape tourism in the region also get a chance to speak. So the KONTRASTREICH is not a new image brochure Up in the Harz, but rather an expression of solidarity and appreciation for the region, in which one is proud to be able to share this with the guests.

The KONTRASTREICH magazine can now be conveniently ordered online HERE. Further information is available via phone 039454-49110.

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