An insider tip among hikers

The Selketal-Stieg

The Selketal-Stieg is a 74 km long hiking trail through the Selketal. From Stiege to Quedlinburg it leads along the Selke river through a unique nature with historical castles and relics from mining.

Accompany the Selke river through an enchanted landscape of quiet forests and gentle meadow valleys. The Selketal-Stieg leads you through picturesque places and lets you marvel at the imposing buildings of bygone times. Remains of mining prove the centuries-old industrial history. From the medieval Falkenstein Castle, you can see the beauty of the nature reserve in the Selketal valley.

It starts in the middle of the Harz mountains, at the train station Stiege with the smallest turning loop in Europe and leads to Quedlinburg in the northern Harz’ foreland.

Even for less experienced hikers, the route can be comfortably covered in 4 daily stages.

Since the Selketalbahn of the Harzer Schmalspurbahn is not far from the hiking trail, it is possible to combine individual stages of the hike with the old steam locomotive.

Discover the picturesque nature as well as the medieval buildings in the unique river landscape of the Selketal valley.


Did you know?

Did you know?

The 74km long Selketal-Stieg is still relatively unknown and is therefore an INSIDER TIP among hikers.

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Booklet "Selketal-Stieg" to the Harzer Wandernadel

Get 17 stamps on the mystical path, divided into 6 stages. At the end of the hiking trail you can reward yourself with the hiking pin in the form of a kingfisher.


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