Family vacation


Create experiences together!

Who doesn’t know that? The kids get up in the morning and the first question is:

“What are we gonna do today?”

Up in the Harz there are numerous family-friendly excursion destinations where parents and children likewise get their money’s worth. You can walk in the Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus  in the footsteps of old charcoal burning tradition and can see a charcoal kiln in action. In the western town of Pullman City Harz you can immerse yourself in the world of wild cowboys and Indians. If you want to experience nature in a unique way at dizzying heights, you can “conquer” the Titan RT suspension bridge at the Rappbodetalsperre.

Watch out kids!

In the dripstone caves of Rübeland you can go on a very special journey of discovery through the depths of the Harz Mountains with a flashlight tour.

Our excursion tips for the whole family:

10 reasons for

a family vacation Up in the Harz

  1. Playground nature: water, forest, meadows, animals – here you have everything right in front of the door!
  2. Family-friendly hosts ensure the feelgood factor just like at home.
  3. Get motivation for hiking: on family-friendly hiking trails you can collect the stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel.
  4. Exciting excursion destinations ensure variety in all weathers.
  5. History lessons you can touch: from the old charcoal burner tradition to the “borderline experience”.
  6. Just enjoy the quiet without mass tourism.
  7. Relax in comfortable and mild temperatures, especially in midsummer.
  8. Children from 0 to 15 years are exempted from paying the tourist tax.
  9. Relatively short travel distances = more vacation time.
  10. Up in the Harz there is something for everyone: whether young or old, whether for a small or a large budget.
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