Hiking with the dog

Up in the Harz

Hiking in the nature together

Over hill and dale, extensive mountain meadows or even steeper slopes and cliffs – Up in the Harz, every four-legged friend will find the right challenge!

Basically, all hiking trails in the region can be hiked with your four-legged friends. However, there is one thing that all dogs enjoy equally: free-running! What could be better than a hike through the lush green mountains meadows of the Harz?!

Well supplied along the way

Well supplied along the way

To be a well-equipped dog owner:

water, treats, toys, leash, dog fouling bags and tools for tick infestation.

Hiking tips with an extra free run:

Please note: In the period from March 1st to July 15th, the leash must be kept on in the forests and meadows Up in the Harz to not disturb wildlife when they breed and raise their offspring.

You know your dog best, you know exactly when your four-legged friend has which needs, when the dog would like to play or rather be left alone.  This is often difficult for outsiders and non-dog owners to estimate, especially for children. Please keep your dog on a leash near playgrounds, in localities and crowded places. Even on deserted paths, e.g. when hiking, it is advisable to call the dog over to approaching pedestrians and let it run “to heel”. The next open space already awaits you to frolic around.

HERE you can find the overview “Considerately along the way with the dog”.

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